Day 17 – Update

Here we are 17 days onto our changed path, we’re going strong and both feel amazing. My mom has been doing a great job and is down to 190 lbs. and I am down to 154.6 lbs today.

The Easter weekend was tough with family gatherings and temptations to eat sweets and pasta, yummy! We did really good on Saturday night dinner with a healthier alternative of salmon, bell peppers, salad, and potatoes. For Sunday, we had our traditional Italian Easter with pasta, bread and other yummy food. I decided that I would allow myself a cheat day and indulged on those carbs. My Mama stayed on track though and skipped the pasta and bread, I’m so proud of her strength. I sure felt terrible later that night, my intestines were not use to processing heavy carbs and the reality that my body cannot process those kinds of foods anymore really hit me. On Monday I got back on track but still felt tired and low energy, plus the cravings for carbs and sugar came right back. So I pushed through those feelings and Tuesday I started to feel that energy back with no cravings. So I wont be doing that again…just gonna stick with the plan.

For dessert I made gluten free, dairy, sugar free Mango, Pineapple Tart which was light, guilt free and super easy to make. See below for the recipe:

My cousin made a delicious Paleo Cheesecake and that too was amazing also. Everyone really enjoyed these healthier alternatives. (I’ll need to get the recipe and post it).

My goal this next week is to start lifting weights and get more physical.