Day 4

Today is March 22, 2013. It is my forth day on my “changed path” to making better choices and living a healthier life. My mom and I began using the Metagenics Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program ( We choose to use this product since my mom works for them and it seemed so easy to follow and stick to. So far, I really like it and I’m able to follow the guidelines easily and already noticing a difference in my energy level and I dont feel bloated and tired.

Today, I woke up easier with a ton of energy and a new outlook on where I want to be and I can actually see myself sticking with this “changed path” for the rest of my life.

The first three days were the hardest. I know my body was going through a lot of changes and withdrawals from me not having carbs and sugars, but today I really feel the difference and my body is changing for the better, that makes me want to keep going even more.

Last night,I had dinner with my parents and my mom already looked different. I’ve talked to her daily to check in with her and encourage she keeps walking everyday and I noticed last night that her energy levels are up as well. She would normally be sitting on the couch with iPad in hand on Pinterest, however she was up cleaning the kitchen and doing other things that weren’t her norm.

We watched an amazing movie last night called “Food Matters” ( on Netflix and that movie just confirmed to me why I want to make a change and stick with it. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then do. Its a topic that we must all educate ourselves on and really get serious with reality.

Happy Friday! Ciao