Finally Concurring “That’s it!”

I created this blog to help support my mom and I in our long over due challenge of loosing weight, making healthier choices and becoming a better us. I believe that this is just the thing to keep us both on track and our eye on the target.

How does the saying “That’s it!” relate to our story? Well, its been a two worded response that my mom has said over and over again in response to our criticism of her weight gain over the years. We’ve always been a joking family, and when we would criticize her weight gain or comment on her being lazy my mom would squint her eyes, hands on her hips, left leg usually forward and say “OH, THAT’S IT!” Meaning she’s going to do something about it. We would all laugh it off and move on but the issue of weight and bad choices continued for years.

My mom isn’t the only one not being able to put the fork down, I too need help in changing my bad habits and loosing weight myself. I too for years have struggled with weight, I always had good intentions but quickly fell off the “changed path” many times. I was always the biggest girl out of friends growing up, DD bust and curvy. I’m approaching it from a different point of view this time and instead of criticizing my mom for her weaknesses, I have realized I have the same weaknesses and now I am here to support our “changed path” together as a team.

This blog will symbolize our concurring of “That’s It!” 


1 thought on “Finally Concurring “That’s it!”

  1. Dude that’s awesome! If I lived closer to my mom I would definitely be helping her change her diet. Remember, proteins, complex carbs, and tons of veggies! 5-6 Meals will help you guys 🙂 I wish you both the best of luck!

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