Day 17 – Update

Here we are 17 days onto our changed path, we’re going strong and both feel amazing. My mom has been doing a great job and is down to 190 lbs. and I am down to 154.6 lbs today.

The Easter weekend was tough with family gatherings and temptations to eat sweets and pasta, yummy! We did really good on Saturday night dinner with a healthier alternative of salmon, bell peppers, salad, and potatoes. For Sunday, we had our traditional Italian Easter with pasta, bread and other yummy food. I decided that I would allow myself a cheat day and indulged on those carbs. My Mama stayed on track though and skipped the pasta and bread, I’m so proud of her strength. I sure felt terrible later that night, my intestines were not use to processing heavy carbs and the reality that my body cannot process those kinds of foods anymore really hit me. On Monday I got back on track but still felt tired and low energy, plus the cravings for carbs and sugar came right back. So I pushed through those feelings and Tuesday I started to feel that energy back with no cravings. So I wont be doing that again…just gonna stick with the plan.

For dessert I made gluten free, dairy, sugar free Mango, Pineapple Tart which was light, guilt free and super easy to make. See below for the recipe:

My cousin made a delicious Paleo Cheesecake and that too was amazing also. Everyone really enjoyed these healthier alternatives. (I’ll need to get the recipe and post it).

My goal this next week is to start lifting weights and get more physical.



Day 8 – Weigh In’s

Today is our 8th day and we both weighed in this morning, here are the results!

Mamma (5’9″) Starting weight = 200 lbs.

  • Weighed in today at 193 lbs. Lost 7 lbs. Great job Mamma Bear!

Me (5’5″) Starting weight = 160.8 lbs. 

  • Weighed in today at 156.4 lbs. Lost 4.4 lbs. WooHoo!


We both are doing an amazing job so far, my mom is staying motivated and excited about continuing this program. I feel amazing, never had such a clear mind and high energy before, I believe the extra supplements the program gives us are helping a lot! I cannot wait to see us a month from now.

Our next goal and challenge this next week is to exercise more than the 10,000 steps a day they recommend to do. I’ve been successful in doing double that at lunch time, plus its an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy our beautiful So Cal weather we’ve been having. My mom has been walking also, but since she only gets a half hour lunch she doesn’t get to walk as long, but she’s doing a great job!

Today, I’m going to walk at lunch and when I get home later I will probably do some work out video’s via Fit Sugar website (, I love this site! Try the Victoria Secret Full Body video it’s killer! They offer quick 10 min workouts that really kick butt, plus they have a huge variety to choose from.

I cant wait to see what this next week brings for us both. I’m happy we both are feeling so great!

Day 4

Today is March 22, 2013. It is my forth day on my “changed path” to making better choices and living a healthier life. My mom and I began using the Metagenics Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program ( We choose to use this product since my mom works for them and it seemed so easy to follow and stick to. So far, I really like it and I’m able to follow the guidelines easily and already noticing a difference in my energy level and I dont feel bloated and tired.

Today, I woke up easier with a ton of energy and a new outlook on where I want to be and I can actually see myself sticking with this “changed path” for the rest of my life.

The first three days were the hardest. I know my body was going through a lot of changes and withdrawals from me not having carbs and sugars, but today I really feel the difference and my body is changing for the better, that makes me want to keep going even more.

Last night,I had dinner with my parents and my mom already looked different. I’ve talked to her daily to check in with her and encourage she keeps walking everyday and I noticed last night that her energy levels are up as well. She would normally be sitting on the couch with iPad in hand on Pinterest, however she was up cleaning the kitchen and doing other things that weren’t her norm.

We watched an amazing movie last night called “Food Matters” ( on Netflix and that movie just confirmed to me why I want to make a change and stick with it. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then do. Its a topic that we must all educate ourselves on and really get serious with reality.

Happy Friday! Ciao

Finally Concurring “That’s it!”

I created this blog to help support my mom and I in our long over due challenge of loosing weight, making healthier choices and becoming a better us. I believe that this is just the thing to keep us both on track and our eye on the target.

How does the saying “That’s it!” relate to our story? Well, its been a two worded response that my mom has said over and over again in response to our criticism of her weight gain over the years. We’ve always been a joking family, and when we would criticize her weight gain or comment on her being lazy my mom would squint her eyes, hands on her hips, left leg usually forward and say “OH, THAT’S IT!” Meaning she’s going to do something about it. We would all laugh it off and move on but the issue of weight and bad choices continued for years.

My mom isn’t the only one not being able to put the fork down, I too need help in changing my bad habits and loosing weight myself. I too for years have struggled with weight, I always had good intentions but quickly fell off the “changed path” many times. I was always the biggest girl out of friends growing up, DD bust and curvy. I’m approaching it from a different point of view this time and instead of criticizing my mom for her weaknesses, I have realized I have the same weaknesses and now I am here to support our “changed path” together as a team.

This blog will symbolize our concurring of “That’s It!”